Testcase Configuration

The following settings can be done in the testcase editor.

Test#This is the unique numeric identifier of the testcase. It cannot be changed after creating a testcase.
NameEach testcase has a descriptive name that allows to identify the testcase and its purpose.
DescriptionThe description field allows you to describe the testcase and its purpose. It is a very simple way of documentation.
StatusThis descriptive field indicates the current lifecycle status of the testcase. Whether it is still a draft or it is in production.
TagsAdd one or multiple tags to a testcase to categorize testcases or to make them searchable.
See also: Testcase Tagging
TestmethodThe testmethod is the testing algorithm used in the particular testcase.
Data Protection LevelUsing this switch, you can set the level of data protection when BiG EVAL is storing testing results.
[Others]Depending on the testmethod you choose, there are several other switches and properties you can set. For your reference you need to look at the article of the specific testmethod.
ProbesA BiG EVAL testcase is based on probes. Use the probes register to configure your probes.
Control (Advanced)The control-script gives you countless, powerful possibilities to control the flow of your testcase.
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