Data Quality Management

Because data is very dynamic, functional testing during the development of data processing systems is not enough. Continuous quality checks are needed, that verify data and plausibilize information. BiG EVAL brings everything you need to ensure the best data quality possible.

Data Quality Cycle

Verify & Analyze

Checking the quality of your data stored in data bases, files and also in the cloud is the fundament of a successful data quality management.
BiG EVAL`s Data Quality Software brings an extensive set of efficient functionallity to build and run regular checks of your quality criteria.

Validation Methods

The preconfigured validation methods are used to validate and plausibilize raw or aggregated information.

BiG EVAL also brings test algorithms to check the performance of your analytical systems and to protect against unwanted schema changes of your data bases.

All Test Methods


The extensive but easy to use scripting language within BiG EVAL opens up a huge flexibility to implement your very own validation algorithms.



To accelerate the learning curve and make daily use of BiG EVAL much easier, our Marketplace provides a collection of templates for testcases, scripts as well as business rules. Get these templates for free and tailor them to your very own needs.


Every test result gets recorded and can be visualized to get a quick overview on your data quality. Drill down into details or use key performance indicators to analyze test results and to find a solution for the data quality issue.


Supported Datasources

BiG EVAL supports a variety of data sources and technologies within your test cases and quality checks.

Data Bases

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server







Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database


Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse



Data Lake

Data Lake





Data Analytics & Reporting

Analysis Services

Analysis Services


OLAP Cubes

Power BI

Power BI


Business Objects

Applications & Cloud Services

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365




Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel




CSV / Flatfiles

Cleanse data

Solve your data quality issues right at the source by cleaning your data. BiG EVAL helps you with a lot of efficient features.

ISSUE tickets

BiG EVAL creates an issue ticket and informs responsible persons right when it detects a data quality problem. The issue tracking starts and allows ongoing analysis and monitoring of the problem.



Assign quality issues to responsible persons from the IT or Business departments and monitor the progress of the problem resolution process.

Problemticket Details


Optimized workflows support your team in solving quality issues that cannot be solved automatically.

Retesting data quality issues


Documenting the steps that lead to the problem resolution can be done right in BiG EVAL. That leads to a revision-save tracing path and helps you to reproduce every step taken.

Dokumentation der Problembehebung

Well known brands trust in BiG EVAL

  • Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA
  • CSS Kranken-Versicherung AG

Protect & Monitor

Continuously monitoring your information ensures that known problems do not arise again and that new problems get detected immediately.

Continuous Data validation

During the whole lifecycle of your data, BiG EVAL automatically checks your quality criteria. You can schedule these checks, run them by data driven events or completely integrated into your existing processes or systems.

Options to run data quality checks


Alerting processes get activated when a problem arises. These processes inform technicians or business experts about the problem so it can be fixed as urgently as possible.

Beispiel einer Email-Alarmierung


BiG EVAL comes with a variety of system integration possibilities. Just to name some, you could integrate your services desk ticketing system, run technical processes or exchange testing results with your ERP or CRM system.

Vielfältige Integrationsmöglichkeiten von BiG EVAL

Quality Gates

With the help of BiG EVAL's Quality Gates, you get the capability to continuously check incoming or outgoing data. This ensures that no wrong data gets sent to an external or internal recipient or prevents you from importing erroneous data into your sensitive systems.

Quality Gates blockieren fehlerhafte Informationen

Same-day productivity

Best Practices templates provided out of the box or in our gallery guarantee success on the very first day.

Hundreds of ready-to-use test cases and templates kick-start your testing and quality assurance. Download, configure and use them immediately.

Benefits of BiG EVAL

BiG EVAL stands out by the following characteristics:

  • Easy and understandable user interface with a high practice orientation. This ensures an easy introduction with a steep learning curve.
  • Robust support of your data quality processes with integration of business experts.
  • Seamless combination of test automation during system development and data quality management in productive environments.
  • Great Cost/Performance Ratio.
  • Data Quality Software delivers the desired results within seconds.
  • Industry-wide confidentiality.

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