Reliable Data on Autopilot

Validate and Monitor Enterprise Data continuously and utilize Automated Testing in data development projects to win everyone's trust in data.

BiG EVAL's G2 Rating 4.7

The most successful Data Teams run BiG EVAL:


Validate and Monitor Live Data Permanently

Automated rules and intelligent algorithms validate enterprise data permanently to ensure it's always accurate and reliable, to streamline processes, save costs and unlocking potential revenue.


Test Data Pipelines in Development Cycles

Hundreds of test case templates and massively scalable test algorithms make it a flaw to ensure that data pipelines and data bases work error-free, while freeing up data engineering teams from manual testing efforts.

End to End Integration Testing

The technology-independent concept of BiG EVAL allows data validation like comparisons, rules-based checks, and many more across your whole data landscape. No matter which technology manages your data.

End-to-end data validation with BiG EVAL

Regression Testing

Massively scalable test cases automatically and continuously validate databases and data pipelines you are building, ensuring their quality without manual effort.

What our Customers say

Recognized as a High Performer by experts

BiG EVAL is a High Performer Data Quality Software and Data Test Automation tool, according to G2.

> 300%

Return on Investment

Let Roi, our calculator bot, help you finding out the awesome test automation ROI of your very own project.


Streamline Your Processes with Integrated Data Validation

BiG EVAL improves business and technical processes by automatically checking data quality and integrating validation results for reliable and accurate information.

Integrate with Thousands of 3rd party Products and Workflows

Inform other systems when data validation passes or fails for better performance in processes and more valuable information.

BiG EVAL integrates with more than 5000 products and technologies including selected automation platforms like Microsoft Power Automate or

Data Quality Event Distribution to thousands of apps

Data Quality Control right within your Continuous Integration / Deployment

Quickly and easily integrate test cases into your continuous delivery process to verify system components you built.

And integrate data validation steps into your data integration processes to ensure that only correct information finds its way into your systems.

Involve the right people at the right time

With the help of BiG EVAL's alerting module, you can immediately inform the right people of data issues to prevent further problems or before end users even know about incorrect data.

Even business departments are called upon when data in business applications needs to be corrected.


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