The Data Quality Automation Platform Your Whole Business Will Love

BiG EVAL's data validation platform has all the tools and integrations hundreds of customers need to ensure the quality of their most important asset - their enterprise data.

Data Test Automation

Automate testing tasks and allow your team to focus on what they enjoy.

BiG EVAL performs functional and non-functional testing with regression, unit, integration, performance, and data reconciliation algorithms for:

  • Data Warehouses
  • Data Integration (incl. ETL/ELT)
  • Business Applications (ERP, CRM)
  • Data Migrations

Data Validation & Data Monitoring

Monitor data quality the same way you are monitoring your servers. BiG EVAL continuously validates data based on an intelligent ruleset and lets your data experts know about errors before bad things happen.

  • Data Validation Rules
  • Intelligent Test Algorithms
  • Templates based on Customer Experience
  • Continuous Monitoring & Alerting

Process Integration & DataOps

Improve your business operations with data quality information and activate technical and business processes when data quality problems arise.

  • Control Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Create Service Desk Tickets
  • Let people fix data issues in business applications.
  • Integrate with over 5000 applications and workflows.


Data Accuracy with Automated Testing

Saving time and money thanks to accelerated data testing for every kind of data-centric project like data warehouses, business intelligence, data science, data migrations, ERP, CRM and everything else where data is important.

End-to-End Data Validation with any Technology

The technology-independent concept of BiG EVAL allows data validation like comparisons, rules-based checks, and many more across your whole data landscape. No matter which technology manages your data.

Best Practices Data Validation with Maximum Flexibility

Use best practices Testing and Validation Templates from our up-to-date Gallery to benefit from the very first day on, or build your very own Test Algorithms utilizing BiG EVAL's flexible customization features.

Organized Test Cases

The User Interface of BiG EVAL is self-explaining, organized and easy to use. Even the most complex test concept is under control at any time.

> 300%

Return on Investment

Let Roi, our calculator bot, help you finding out the awesome test automation ROI of your very own project.


Streamline Your Processes with Integrated Data Validation

BiG EVAL improves business and technical processes by automatically checking data quality and integrating validation results for reliable and accurate information.

Data Quality Event Distribution to thousands of apps

Integrate with Thousands of 3rd party Products and Workflows

Inform other systems when data validation passes or fails for better performance in processes and more valuable information.

BiG EVAL integrates with more than 5000 products and technologies including selected automation platforms like Microsoft Power Automate or

Quality Control in Development and QA environment

Data Quality Control right within your Continuous Integration / Deployment

Quickly and easily integrate test cases into your continuous delivery process to verify system components you built.

And integrate data validation steps into your data integration processes to ensure that only correct information finds its way into your systems.

Involve the right people at the right time

With the help of BiG EVAL's alerting module, you can immediately inform the right people of data issues to prevent further problems or before end users even know about incorrect data.

Even business departments are called upon when data in business applications needs to be corrected.


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Achieve Data Testing Success from the Start

Start seeing the benefits from data validation on the very day you install BiG EVAL.


Data Validation Templates

Use the test case templates from our extensive collection, the "BiG EVAL Gallery", or create your own algorithms using BiG EVAL's customization features.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Installing BiG EVAL is as easy as installing a desktop office application. With no special knowledge needed, you can start validating data in just a few minutes!

Learn Quickly with BiG EVAL

Start Working Quickly and Accurately with BiG EVAL - Comprehensive Training, Tutorials and Templates Make it Simple. Plus, Receive Help Whenever You Need It to Overcome Any Challenges!

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