The Value of Test Automation in Data Warehousing
A Successful Case from Ifolor AG

Ifolor AG, a digital photo specialist, has experienced tremendous success in their implementation of a new business intelligence solution. With the help of agile methodologies and automation tools, they’ve been able to quickly develop and deploy changes in short release cycles while validating the accuracy of their data at each step. This success story will explore how Ifolor AG used the test automation tool BiG EVAL for regression testing and data validation to improve their development process and their data quality.

Challenges of Implementing a Data Warehouse in Short Release Cycles

To properly implement a new data warehouse with agile methodologies and short release cycles, Ifolor AG faced several challenges. They needed to apply the principles of continuous integration and delivery in order to quickly develop, deploy, and test changes at each step of the process. Additionally, they needed automation tools not only for building system components but also for testing them and validating their data every time they make a new release. This was a daunting task given the complexity of the data warehouse and the ever-changing environment in which it operates. Without proper testing and validation, each new release could introduce errors that can cause serious problems.

Overcoming Data Warehouse Challenges with BiG EVAL

To address these challenges, Ifolor AG chose BiG EVAL as their end-to-end test automation platform not only for its ability to reduce time and effort in implementing their new data warehouse with agile methodologies, but also for its ease of use and enormous flexibility at the same time. BiG EVAL doesn‘t require a lot of training and can be fully automated, making it the perfect solution for Ifolor AG‘s needs. With BiG EVAL, they were able to implement their data warehouse quickly and efficiently, all while ensuring high data quality.

Effortless End to End Testing with Automated Regression Tests

Ifolor AG achieved great success with their automated regression tests which run fully automatically! The tests check data sets from different data bases for completeness, validity, plausibility and technical problems such as formatting issues. In addition, measures and KPI‘s such as revenues, products sold, and many more are validated between all layers of the data analysis system to ensure that they are not distorted in any way.
BiG EVAL makes it possible to test this data validation between different technologies. Ifolor AG specifically tested data from Microsoft Dynamics, their ERP, Microsoft SQL Server, their data warehouse, SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Models and Power BI Reports.
By just the push of a button, Ifolor is now able to run all test cases needed and getting the testing results in no time - without any manual effort. This allows data engineers to troubleshoot any issues before making new data analytics capabilities available to end users.

The Benefits of Automation in Data Warehouse and Testing Processes at Ifolor AG

The Business Intelligence Project Manager and Data Engineer Sören Schubert said „By using data warehouse automation and test automation we succeeded with a very small team to develop an agile, future-proof BI landscape. Without automation this wasn’t imaginable!“ Schubert went on to say that „Thanks to our automated testing solution, I have a good gut feeling because of complete confidence that every time I release a new version it will be successful.“
Thanks to the use of BiG EVAL, Ifolor AG has experienced significant success in their data validation and testing processes. The automation of regression testing and data accuracy validation has allowed Ifolor AG to reduce the time and effort needed to implement their new data warehouse, freeing up resources to focus on other important initiatives.

About Ifolor AG

Ifolor AG makes it possible for people to relive their most beautiful moments through personalized photo products. The company’s range includes high-quality products such as photo books, photo calendars, photo greeting cards, wall decorations, photo gifts, and photos. Founded in 1961, the Swiss family-owned business employs approximately 270 people and generates more than CHF 100 million in annual sales. Ifolor AG operates in fifteen countries and is the market leader in Switzerland and Finland. Its high-quality products are manufactured at its headquarters in Kreuzlingen am Bodensee, Switzerland, as well as in Kerava, Finland.