Testing in an automated Data Warehouse Project

Put Testing of your Data Warehouse on Autopilot with BiG EVAL and maximize the Automation degree in your automated project. Use proven Test Methodologies. Get rid of manual testing and be efficient from the very first day!

Learn why thousands of companies use BiG EVAL daily.

Why combining an Automated Data Warehouse Solution and BiG EVAL?

End to end automation in a data warehouse project allows you to deliver a trustful data base on time and in budget with less effort. The standardization that comes with automation, together with reliable testing processes, ensure a high quality with a huge business value as well as a good sleep, because you know it works!

Data warehouse automation with a Data Warehouse Automation solution like WhereScape 3D and RED leads to these results and BiG EVAL Data Test Automation fillls the gap in the agile process cycle and extends the degree of automation in your project. It makes you capable of executing best practices regression tests as many as you want by the push of a button (or even scheduled or embedded into your CI/CD processes).

Why filling the gap?

  • The amount of test cases grows from sprint to sprint, and manually executing them needs even more time. Regression testing is nearly impossible by doing it manually. If done anyway, a lot of resources are needed or insufficiently testing is accepted. An automation solution is needed to do it efficiently.
  • Whereas application developers are used to unit testing, regression testing etc., testing within data oriented projects is often done insufficiently because of missing standards and missing tools - and sometimes because of missing know how.
  • Test automation leverages your investment in Data Warehouse Automation products and allows you to get out the maximum during the whole project.

BiG EVAL - a testing tool for every data centric project

Accelerate data testing for data warehouse, business intelligence and data science projects.

BiG EVAL is a light weight software solution dedicated to test automation within a data oriented project:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Integration / ETL and ELT
  • Data Vault
  • Data Mart
  • Data Lake
  • Interfaces (Data- Import/Export)
  • Big Data

Rather invest your time in development tasks you like. We help you get started with automated testing.

Testing based on Meta data

Instead of implementing a test case for every single entity over and over again, inject WhereScapes meta data and apply the test case to all current and future entities automagically.

  • Maximizes test coverage.
  • Ensures that nothing gets forgotten.
  • Saves a lot of time.

Same-day productivity

Best Practices templates provided out of the box or in our gallery guarantee success on the very first day.

Hundreds of ready-to-use test cases and templates kick-start your testing and quality assurance. Download, configure and use them immediately.

  • Data Warehouse Test Pack
  • Business Rules Power Pack
  • Data Vault Test Pack
  • WhereScape RED Test Pack
  • and many more...
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