Data Quality Management

Use the best strategies and tools that make you a data quality expert.

Two things are needed to improve your information quality in a sustainable manner so your company profits most from trusted data. You need a strategy that suits your and your companies needs best, as well as an efficient toolsupport. Following you find articles and information about strategies and tools you can use and implement immediately.

Data Quality Management


BiG EVAL Data Quality Management

The automation solution BiG EVAL DQM supports you in all tasks regarding data quality management. It makes you capable of automatically apply ongoing quality checks onto your enterprise data, it provides you a quality metric, and supports your quality problem solving processes.

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Here you find the best articles published by us, that support you in leveraging your information quality.

Actions to take for successful Data Governance Implementation

Actions to take for successful Data Governance ImplementationThis article will help small

Disastrous consequences due to poor data quality

Poor data quality causes many problems for organizations. Thus an entire field of Data Quality Management (DQM) is [ ... ]

What we can learn about data maintenance from daily dental care?

What do data and teeth have in common? Nothing? Teeth can bite, but data can’t. Teeth sometimes become [ ... ]

Poor data quality brings huge risks. But it’s avoidable!

Are your databases piling up with incorrect customer addresses, duplicates, and contradictory values? These are signs of poor [ ... ]

Artificial Intelligence: Is it Smart?

AI’s are computer programs that approach human intelligence. Their intelligence is based on large amounts of data and [ ... ]

Improve Data Quality in only 5 Steps

How can we resolve the problem? Easy: use these 5 steps to achieve lasting high data quality.Step 1: [ ... ]

Test Your Data Quality without Stress

​Did you know how easy it is to continuously and automatically test your data and maintain a high [ ... ]

Why is high data quality so important?

Why is high data quality so important?The quality of your data has an impact on your business. But [ ... ]

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