Scaling Data Quality 
on Autopilot

BiG EVAL's massive scaling streamlines data integrity by applying a select few test cases across thousands of data points automatically. It's an efficient solution that multiplies your data validation efforts, ensuring comprehensive quality with minimal setup.

Massive Scaling based on Meta Data.

Massive Scaling

Automatic Data Discovery

BiG EVAL harnesses the power of metadata discovery to automate and expand data validation across your enterprise. This intelligent approach allows for widespread application of data quality checks, ensuring thorough and consistent validation with minimal manual effort.

Data Catalogs

BiG EVAL seamlessly integrates with data catalog solutions like Collibra to extract metadata, gaining insights into existing data entities and their structures. This capability enables precise and automated data validation tailored to your unique data architecture.

Schema Catalogs

BiG EVAL adeptly scans and interprets database schemas, gathering detailed information on tables and structures to facilitate extensive data validation. Whether it's verifying the presence of essential fields like a mandator ID or ensuring the correct format of email addresses across multiple tables, BiG EVAL applies robust data validation techniques automatically and at scale.

Data Modeling Repositories

BiG EVAL leverages metadata stored in the repository databases of data modeling tools, such as data warehouse automation software, to enhance development projects with automated, context-relevant test applications. This enables it to efficiently conduct checks, from the functionality of historized dimensions to the compliance with specific architectural policies, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of data modeling efforts.

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Massive Scaling

Advanced Scripting Techniques

Full Flexibility with Custom Scripts

BiG EVAL's advanced scripting technology empowers developers to tailor the logic and behavior of data validation checks with precision, adapting dynamically to both metadata and actual data.

For example: This powerful feature allows for the creation of a single validation check for a specific sales region, which can then be automatically and intelligently applied to all other regions, streamlining the validation process without duplicating efforts.

Scripting a test case

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