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Address data is a critical component of any business, but maintaining its accuracy can be a challenge. BiG EVAL's validation and enhancement technology combined with the world-leading address databases is designed to eliminate the headaches of address data management, providing you with reliable and accurate information to drive your business forward.

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Address Data Validation Completely Automated 

BiG EVAL provides continuously address data validation, fully automated and below the surface. Once set up, you can be sure to always use accurate address data. This saves money, effort and your nerves. It let's you focus on important tasks instead of fixing address quality issues.

Postal Address Data Validation and Enhancement with BiG EVAL.

BiG EVAL's two-step process ensures that your postal addresses are accurate, complete, and ready to drive your business forward.
First, BiG EVAL validates your addresses against postal standards, formatting conventions, and postal codes to catch and correct any errors or inconsistencies. Then, BiG EVAL enhances your validated addresses by adding correct information. At the end, it's up to you whether you intend to work with the original or the corrected data.

International Address Validation provided by The Best

BiG EVAL is dedicated to providing the best possible address validation and enhancement solution for your business. That's why we work with the industry's leading address data providers to ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and ready to drive your business forward.

  • International Addresses from 240 countries.
  • Best in class address providers. You choose which one is used.
  • Accurate data whenever you need it.

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