Teradata testing

The testmethods and algorithms of BiG EVAL are designed to test ETL and ELT processes from and to Teradata systems

Ensure that high quality data is delivered to your users and decition-makers with the help of BiG EVAL. It ensures that your Teradata system has correct and reliable data all the time.
The Teradata testing is also possible with BiG EVAL.
Regression tests validate and plausibilize data on all layers of your ETL or ELT process from and to the Teradata data warehouse or data mart. They are completely technology neutral and allow comprehensive testing between all your data systems.

BiG EVAL also informs you continuously about your data quality or possible problems.

End to End Testing

Your processes need to work well not just within your Teradata system. Also your other systems that depend on Teradata-data need correct and reliable data. Build comprehensive end-to-end tests to ensure your data-stream from and into Teradata and your key performance indicators get validated and plausibilized continuously