Data Quality Processes

BiG EVAL supports your data quality processes with automation and standardization to improve your information quality sustainable.

Data Quality Cycle
Triage of data quality issues

Coordinated Quality Improvement Actions

Individual data quality issues need individual improvement actions performed by different people from the IT or business departments.

BiG EVAL helps you coordinating this complex collaboration with sophisticated problem tracing processes.

Stay on top of things

Always keep track of the progress of the data quality issue tickets that were assigned to business or IT people. By sending out notifications at the right time, BiG EVAL keeps an eye on issues that could be forgotten.

Workflows around data quality issues

Continuous revalidation of Improvement Actions

The fully automated quality rules make sure that each and every improvement action is a sustainable success. When a problem suddenly re-arises, you will be informed immediately so you can take action.

Tracing and Documentation

Improvement actions and their documentation get stored in a tamper-proof (and auditable) manner. So you understand the actions taken at any time.

Dokumentation der Problembehebung

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