Setup the Apache Drill ODBC driver

Apache Drill provides an ODBC driver to utilize it from within applications like BiG EVAL. This article describes how to setup and configure the ODBC driver and utilize Apache Drill from within BiG EVAL.

Please note, that there are many different ways to setup Apache Drill. So it all depends on your requirements and settings. Please speak with an administrator or another expert that may help with this configuration.

There is an extensive documentation article on the Apache Drill website as well. So you may find more information there:

Download the ODBC driver

Because BiG EVAL is a 64bit application, you need the 64bit ODBC driver. Use the following URL to download the most current driver that provides an MSI-setup. Please note, that not all versions provided on this website come with an MSI setup package.

Install the ODBC driver

  1. Double click the MSI file you downloaded before.
  2. Click next
  3. Accept the license agreement and proceed.
  4. Set the installation folder and click next.
  5. Click install
  6. Click finish when the installation succeeds.

Configure the ODBC driver

The configuration step has the goal to define a DSN within the 64bit ODBC manager of windows. This DSN can later be used from within BiG EVAL to access Apache Drill.

As there are many different ways to configure the ODBC driver in Windows, we refer to the official documentation.

Following is an exampel configuration of the ODBC DSN you may use as a reference. But note, that the connection is unsafe in this demonstration. It is your own responsibility, that the settings fulfil your security requirements.

Use the ODBC DSN as a BiG EVAL Data Source

  1. Create a new data source within BiG EVAL.
  2. Choose “ODBC” as the Type of the data source.
  3. Use the following connection string. Ensure you use your own DSN name set up before.
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