Snippets are character strings that are centrally managed. This makes them reusable in probe queries and scripts.

Creating a Snippet

  1. Click on “Environment” -> “Snippets” in the main navigation of BiG EVAL.
  2. Click on “Create Snippet”.
  3. Enter the following inputs:
    • Code: A unique name makes the snippet recognizable and referencable from scripts.
    • Name: A descriptive and human-readable name.
    • Category: (available since Release 2.8.0) The category the snippet belongs to Use “Default” except you define an email-layout template.
    • Description: Documentation or description of the snippet.
    • Body: The snippet itself.
  4. Click on “Create Snippet”.

The following example snippet shows a large SQL-query to a WhereScape RED repository database. These long text-blocks are hard to handle within a testcase-script, because its size makes the script difficult to read and maintain.

Using a snippet in a Script

A snippet can be used in a testsuite- or testcase-script by the following line of code.

var myQuery = GetSnippet("WS_LINK_FKS");

The only parameter of the GetSnippet-Method is the Code of the snippet.

The method returns the snippets body as a System.String structure.

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