Using Parameters in Datasources / Connections

A parameter can also be used to set specific properties of a datasource connection. This makes you capable of modifying the connection during runtime.

The following list contains some example scenarios:

  • Running a testcase in different System-Environments (Dev, Test, Prod)
    Using a parameter that gets set during runtime, you can modify server-hostnames and database-names (even the whole connection-string) to run a testcase against different servers.
  • Security Roles Testing
    Use a testcase-script to iterate through a list of different credentials. In each iteration you can set parameters for username/password. Use these parameters in the credentials-settings of your datasource to impersonate the connection. This makes you capable to test queries in different security-contexts.
    e.g. You may test whether the US branches- manager can access US-offices data only and the European branches-manager can access EU-offices only.

Using a parameter-value within a datasource-connection is quite easy to implement. Just use the known double-curly-brackets-syntax.

Within the connection-string:

Within the credentials-settings

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