There are several ways to get diagnostic information from your Testcase- or Testsuite-Scripts.


BiG EVAL maintains a comprehensive logging-infrastrutcture that logs system-events to logfiles and to a log-trace that is available in the frontend. Please note that BiG EVAL doesn’t log sensitive data as long as you don’t write it explicitly to the log-infrastructure.

You can access the eventlog in BiG EVAL under “System” -> “Logs” in the main navigation.

There we only show you error-log-entries.


BiG EVAL writes warnings, errors and informative log-entries to logfiles in the installation-directory of BiG EVAL. How to access the logfiles

Output Debug-Information

Within a script you can use one of the following C# methods to write an entry to the eventlog and the logfiles.

LogDebug("This is a debug-message");

LogInfo("This is an information");

LogWarning("This is a warning!");

try {
catch(Exception ex) {
    LogError("There was an error!", ex);


Setting a comment on the testresult is also a viable way to output diagnostic or documentation information. You can set a comment like this:

SetComment($"This is a comment");

After running the testcase, the comments are available in the testresult dialog.

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