The REST API of BiG EVAL is hosted within the same URL schema as BiG EVAL’s frontend but in a subfolder called api/v1/. The default URL of BiG EVAL’s frontend is http://localhost:1703/, but it can be hosted on any other URL as well. An SSL/HTTPS URL for example could be https://mybigevalserver/.

Assuming that BiG EVAL’s frontend was configured to use the SSL/HTTPS URL https://mybigevalserver/, the following is the base-URL of the REST API and needs to be used for every API-request: https://mybigevalserver/api/v1/.

In the following documentation, we do not show the schema and the host in the URL’s, so you will only see an URL like /api/v1/suites/ what in fact means https://mybigevalserver/api/v1/suites/ when your BiG EVAL is using the URL https://mybigevalserver/.

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