Installing a Package

Availability: since Release 2.8.0

A BiG EVAL Package gets delivered as a file with the extension *.bepkg which will be uploaded to BiG EVAL and installed by the package installer as described below.

  1. Open “System” -> “Packages” in BiG EVAL.
  2. Click on “Upload Package”.
  3. Click on “Choose Package file” and select the package file from the folder on your computer.
  4. BiG EVAL validates and analyzes the package contents and presents you a list of resources that will be installed if you proceed with the package installation.
  5. You may be warned about resources that need your attention if there are any conflicts. You find these conflicts within the group “Resources that need your attention”. Review these resources and the warnings carefully. If you agree with all these actions, confirm them by swithing the “Accept all warnings” switch to the ON-position.
  6. Depending on the package, you may need to read and accept the license agreement of the package.
  7. Click on “Start Installation”.
  8. BiG EVAL installs the package which may take some minutes to finish.
  9. If the installation is done, you may refresh the browser.
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