Major Changes

  • Assisted Problemresolution as a new functionallity of the Data Quality Management Edition.

Minor Changes

  • A new and comfortable code-editor is now available in the user interface of Test- and Suite-Controlscripts as well as for Snippets, Userdefined Methods and Business-Rules.
  • New E-Mail-Templates were added to the alerts.
  • New Script-Methods within the Suite-Controlscript are available now: GetSnippet, QueryValue, QueryList, QueryTable, ExecuteCommand.
  • Redesign of the parameterlists user interface.
    • New editor-widgets for easier and quicker data editing.
    • The Scroll-position will be maintained after saving changes.
    • Automatic loading of records when scrolling down.
    • Sorting of records.
    • Filtering on records.
    • Fixing columns using the context-menue.
    • Resizing columns.
    • Horizontal scrolling.
    • The last selected parameterlist will automatically reopened.
  • Downloading testresults as an Excel-File directly from the testresults analysis dialog.
  • The testresults analysis dialog now shows full records if saving them is allowed using the dataprotection-switch of the test.
  • Testresults can now be attached as an Excel-file to emails sent by alerts.
  • The notification that confirms that changes were saved, has been replaced by a a smaller version within the footer. The old version used to overlap some important elements of the user interface.
  • OAuth Authentification for API implemented.


  • #942: The syntax of parameters is now completely case-insensitive.
  • #1185: The filtering and paging of the logs-view works now correctly.
  • #1231: Fixed an issue with stopping suite executions that run in parallel.
  • #1311: The dataprotection-switch of the testmethod “Rules” didn’t show the option to store complete records.
  • #1315: Setup experience fixed. Finishing the setup-wizard successfully was not possible in specific environments.
  • #1317: Numeric conversions in TestRules failed.
  • #1318: Full height CSS styles not correctly rendered in older Chrome browsers.
  • #1319: A bug prevent the configuration of scheduling a test run on a specific day of week.
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