Allow Service Account to Logon as a Service

If you intend to use a domain user account or a local user account as the service account of BiG EVAL, you need to make sure, that the particular account is allowed to logon as a service on the BiG EVAL server. Otherwise, the windows service is not able to start.

These permissions can be enabled as a local Security Policy on the BiG EVAL Server.

  1. Logon to the BiG EVAL server with a user account that has local administrator permissions.
  2. Open “Administrative Tools” and from there “Local Security Policy”.

  3. Open “Local Policies” -> “User Rights Assignment”.

  4. Rightclick on “Log on as a service” and choose “Properties”.
  5. Add the domain user account or local user account you intend to use as BiG EVALs service account.
  6. Save the changes.

Ensure that the BiG EVAL service account is not listed under the policy “Deny logon as a service”.

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