If you intend to update any previous BiG EVAL release to release 2.8.0 or after, you require a new license file as we changed the licensing technology. Please request the new license file at [email protected] and give us 48 hours to deliver the file. Usually we are faster. If you install this release without having the new license file, your BiG EVAL installation will not work.

Major Changes

  • Loading different artefacts from BiG EVAL packages (templates, tests, suites, user defined methods, snippets, parameter lists and many more) was made possible.
  • Template test cases can now be imported from BiG EVAL packages and get listed in a suite with a blue-colored header.
  • Several BiG EVAL packages are available from the BiG EVAL Gallery. Please note: not all are for free.
    • Business Rules Power Pack
    • Data Test Automation Demo Pack
    • Data Vault 2 Pack (preview)
    • Slack Integration Pack
    • WhereScape RED Pack
  • Microsoft Power Platform Integration by the following new features:
    • Microsoft Dataverse Data Source makes BiG EVAL capable of reading data from the Dataverse which is the foundation for Microsoft Dynamics products and apps built on the Microsoft Power Platform.
    • Microsoft Power Automate Integration which makes BiG EVAL able to send events and event-data to a Power Automate flow and integrate with several thousand apps who have a Power Automate connector.
  • App Integrations make BiG EVAL capable of sending events and event-data to several thousand applications to trigger subsequent actions.
    • SaaS Integrator Platforms
      • Microsoft Power Automate
    • Script Integration allows you to run a custom C# script on any event.
    • Webhook Integration allows you to send event-data to a webhook 3rd party applications may provide.
  • The Alerts User Interface was completely rebuilt on user feedback.
  • Rules test method Enhancements
    • Rules now have a pre execute script. Compared to the rules expression script that gets run for each record of a data set, the pre execute script runs only once at the beginning. This makes you capable of doing any preparing actions like compiling a regular expression, querying a remote data set that acts a a lookup target or similar.
    • Also, you can now add any namespace imports to rules as well.
    • A bunch of known script methods were added to rules scripts for your convenience and to enable more powerful scripting possibilities.
      • GetSnippet
      • ReplacePlaceholder
      • QueryValue
      • QueryList
      • QueryTable
      • ExecuteCommand
      • SetParameter
      • GetParameter
      • FilterParameterListById & FilterParameterListByIds
      • FilterParameterListByFieldValue & FilterParameterListByFieldValues
      • LogDebug, LogInformation, LogWarning, LogError
    • User defined methods can now be used within rules scripts.
  • A Test Connection button was added to the data source configuration dialog for specific data source types (OLE DB, ODBC, Teradata).

Minor Changes

  • The values of global parameters can now be encrypted by a new switch.
  • Diagnostics and Logging Enhancements
    • Logging of the startup procedure enhanced.
    • HTTP-Requests will now be logged.
    • CorrelationId’s are now available on each log-entry to trace related log-entries.
    • Each Alert and Integration-Action is now logged.
  • Enabled client_credentials and authorization_code flows for Api Clients by adding ClientRedirectUri’s, AccessTokenLifetime and GrantType to the Api Clients.
  • Snippets are now used for email layout templates used in E-Mail alerts. To accomplish this, snippets can now be categorized into “Default” and “E-Mail Layouts”.
  • The licensing concept as well as the licensing implementation was fully reworked and uses the 3rd party license management service of


  • #1421 Boolean-typed parameter values were not logged correctly in the test results.
  • #1416 Test parameters were not copied correctly when duplicating test cases.
  • #1459 and #1390 Long data source and probe names could make it impossible to export test results to an Excel file (manually or as part of an alert). Special characters also caused problems.
  • #1344 The web-frontend could hang on the testrun-dashboard if a test run was selected that did not contain any test results.
  • #1404 Data sources could not be deleted despite of not being in active use.
  • #1337 Fixed ObjectNull-Error in Mdx-Datasources if encryption failed.

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