• BiG EVAL is now able to take Multi-Value-Probes by a single probe-query.
  • Parameter-Lists can now be configured and maintained right within the UI of BiG EVAL. This gives new capabilities to the control-script of a test to loop over a huge amount of parameter-records and to execute parameterized tests. There are also some Control-Script capabilities to query and filter parameter-lists.
  • There’s now a control-script on the suites-level as well. This gives you more flexibility and customizability. E.g. you may set any parameters once for all tests running within the suite. Or you set filters on parameter-lists.
  • Parallel test-execution is now possible using the control-script capabilities of the suites. You may define different groups of tests that run parallel or sequencial to each other.
  • Using the new AttachToTestResult-method in the test-control-script, you can attach data to any testresults. This data can be downloaded in the testresult-dialog using the arrow-button “Details”.


  • We cleaned up the dashboard (homepage) and removed the different failed-states. Now the dashboard shows only one Failed-State that summarizes all different failed-states. Details can be analyzed in the testresults-dialog.


  • The system didn’t show any error-messages when there was an errornous control-script. Now we show the error-message as a notification. 
  • When there were long-running control-scripts, the notification-area didn’t show up with the “Test-Running” notification. Now the message pops up immediately.
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