System Settings

Tagging the BiG EVAL instance with a name

If you installed multiple instances of BiG EVAL in your system environment, it makes sense to tag each of them with a unique label. This allows you to see, with which instance you are actually working, because the tag you choose, will be shown in the title bar. The following picture shows you how this looks like.

Instance Tagging

To setup the tag, goto System -> Settings.

Within the common register, you find the text inputbox “Instance Name” where you can enter the tag.

Tagging the BiG EVAL instance with a color

Changing the title bars background color is also possible to tag the instance uniquely.

Tagging instance with a color

To setup the header background color, goto System -> Settings

Within the common register, you find the text inputbox “Header Background Color”. Enter either a name of a color (e.g. blue) or the HEX-RGB-Code (e.g. #234234).

Frontend URL

The value you ente rin the frontend-URL setting is used in alerting emails or anywhere else, where a direct URL to BiG EVAL is shown. Because BiG EVAL could use multiple URLs, this setting allows you to choose, which URL will be used in emails.

E-Mail Settings

BiG EVAL sends E-Mails based on different events like alerts. For this purpose, it needs to connect to an SMTP server. The E-Mail register in the System -> Settings section of BiG EVAL allows you to setup the SMTP-connection.

E-Mail settings

Global Parameters

The global parameters are described in a separate article: Global Parameters

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