Connecting to any other datasource

You can connect BiG EVAL to any other datasource not listed in the documentation.

Please ensure that the following requirements are met:

  1. Install an OLEDB or ODBC driver on your BiG EVAL server.
    • BiG EVAL is a 64bit application. Therefore, you always need a 64bit driver.
  2. Create a datasource in BiG EVAL and choose either OLEDB or ODBC as the type.
    • When using OLEDB:
      • Lookup the connection-string for your driver on Use the one, that contains the Provider= property.
    • When using ODBC:
      • Create a System-DSN (not a user-dsn) in the 64bit ODBC DSN Manager.
      • As a connection-string in the BiG EVAL datasource try to use the most simple version at first. Usually that’s enough:
      • When you store user and password within your ODBC DSN, you usually don’t need to enter them in the connection-string again. Otherwise use:
      • Use for more information about the specific connectionstring of your driver.
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