Installing BiG EVAL PowerShell Module

BiG EVAL provides a PowerShell module with a variety of cmdlets that make it easy to control BiG EVAL from PowerShell.

This is how to install the BiG EVAL PowerShell module wherever you intend to run BiG EVALs cmdlets.

  1. Open a PowerShell console with Administrator Permissions.
  2. Install the module using the following command:
    Install-Module -Name BiGevalCmdlets -AllowClobber
  3. If you get asked for your permission to install the module from a non-trusted repository, answer this with yes.
  4. You may close the PowerShell console with Administrator Permissions and use another PowerShell without Administrator Permissions from now on.
  5. Import the BiG EVAL PowerShell module into your PowerShell session.
    Import-Module -Name BiGevalCmdlets

From now on you are able to use the BiG EVAL PowerShell cmdlets in your PowerShell session.

Use the Installation respectively the Import commands at the beginning of all your PowerShell scripts to ensure the cmdlets are available.

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