Intro & Basics

The WhereScape RED Pack contains a collection of test cases to validate models, design, implementation and the health-status of WhereScape RED repositories.


To get and run the WhereScape RED Pack you need a subscription. Contact a BiG EVAL sales representative ([email protected]) or your BiG EVAL partner to get more information.


  1. Download the package as adviced.
  2. Install the package.

Basic Configuration

During the installation of the WhereScape RED Pack, a new test suite called “WhereScape RED Pack” that contains a couple of test templates is installed in your BiG EVAL instance. Additionally, the pack installs some parameter lists, snippets and user defined methods, as well as a data source.

The data source WS_RED needs special attention as it is the connection to your WhereScape RED repository database. You need to check the connection string and possible change some settings to ensure the connection works correctly.

Using a template

You cannot directly run a template. They are read-only. Therefore you need to make a duplicate of the template what will be a regular test case in the end.

Click on the ellipsis icon (…) on the top righ of the test case template and choose “Duplicate”.

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