All Objects have Descriptions


Checks whether all objects in WhereScape RED have a description or purpose.

How does it work?

The test case uses a SQL query to the WhereScape RED repository to read a list of objects of all different types (e.g. Load Tables, Dimensions, Facts etc.). It filters the list and returns only these objects that do not have a minimum amount of characters in their description. Then it compares the resulting object list against an empty target list what forms the test result in the end.


The SQL query of the first probe of the test case has a list of parameters right at the beginning. You can set up which object types will be checked for the presence of descriptions by setting the respective variable to either 1 (=ON) or 0 (=OFF).

On line 23 of the probe query you find the parameter @MinLength which contains the minimum length of the description that should be met. You may change that parameter directly in the SQL-Script if needed, or you can define a test parameter or global parameter.

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