Connecting to Oracle

  1. Install the Oracle OLEDB driver on the BiG EVAL Server.
    1. Download the Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows from the oracle website. At the time of writing, the following URL could be used for that:
      • Use the 64bit edition because BiG EVAL is a 64bit application.
      • Use the version that fits to your databases version number.
    2. The ODAC package contains many different drivers and applications. BiG EVAL only uses the Oracle OLEDB driver.
    3. Install the OLEDB driver by following Oracles instructions.
  2. Create the datasource in BiG EVAL.
    1. Open the navigation menu “Environemtn” > “Datasources”.
    2. Create a new datasource and give it a name.
    3. Choose “OLEDB” as the type of the datasource.
    4. Use the following connectionstring and ensure that the placeholders are replaced correctly.
      Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;Data Source=[MyServername];User Id=[MyUsername]; Password=[MyPassword];
    5. Choose “Oracle (PL/SQL)” as the dialect.
    6. Save the datasource.
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