Connecting to Textfile (CSV)

These are the steps needed to connect BiG EVAL to a CSV-file.

  1. Ensure that the folder where your file is located, can be accessed from the BiG EVAL server. Either on a local drive or using a network share.
  2. Ensure that the file can be accessesd by the BiG EVAL service account or a domain user you will configure in the “Credentials” dialog of the datasource.
  3. Create a new data source under “Environment” > “Datasources” and give it a name.
  4. Choose “Textfile” as the type of the datasource.
  5. Change to the register “Textfile”.
  6. Enter the path and name of the file by using an absolute location.
    e.g. C:\Testdata\MyFile.csv
  7. Configure the format setting of the file by using the different switches.
  8. Change to the register “Columns”.
  9. Add all columns of the file to the list. You can freely choose a convenient name for each column.
  10. Save the datasource.
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