• Identifying a BiG EVAL instance is now easier because of a name-label in the header bar. You can possibly name it “UAT”, “Productive” or similar by typing in the name in the system-settings.
  • A BiG EVAL instance can be turned into a read-only instance by locking features in the system-settings.
  • Enabling and disabling multiple tests at once is now possible by marking multiple tests in a list of tests.
  • The status of a test can now be set to DRAFT or PRODUCTIVE to respect the different development-states in the test-lifecycle.
  • The dialog to add existing tests to a tests was enhanced to allow adding all tests with one click.


  • Added a password-repetition inputbox in the setup-wizard.
  • BiG EVAL runs now in 64bit.
  • The Area-Field of a test was removed because it didn’t add any reasonable value.


  • Deleting a datasource with existing probes was possible. Now there will be an error when trying that. 
  • Deleting a test didn’t lead to deleting the probes of the test.
  • The contet-menu of the bottom-most tests in a list of tests wasn’t accessible/visible completely.
  • Changing the admin-password could lead to an undescribed error.
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