Login and Logout

BiG EVAL is a web browser based application. Open the BiG EVAL URL provided by your BiG EVAL administrator in your prefered web browser.


When you open the BiG EVAL URL in your web browser, you may get prompted to login either using a username/password combination or by using your Windows Login (if enabled by your administrator).

To login using your Windows user, simply click on the “Windows Authentication” button. If your user has the permission to access BiG EVAL, you now get redirected to the BiG EVAL Home Screen.

When Windows Authentication is not available, enter your username and password in the respective fields and click the “Login” button.


1) Click on your username on top of the main navigation menu. The options to manage your user profile appear.

2) Click on “Logout” to start the logout-process.

3) Confirm your intend to logout by clicking on the “YES – LOGOUT” button.

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