Integrations Overview

Availability: since Release 2.8.0

BiG EVAL seamlessly integrates with 3rd party applications like the Microsoft Power Automate platform or Saas-Automation-Solutions like or Triggered by events that happen in BiG EVAL (e.g. a Testsuite fails or a specific Test case succeeds), BiG EVAL triggers the integrated application and sends information and statistics regarding the event to that application. Please note, that BiG EVAL doesn’t send data from your data sources to these 3rd party applications.


BiG EVAL needs to be able to talk to the 3rd party application either over the local area network (LAN) in the case of an internal self-hosted application, over your cloud network connections, or over the public internet if you intend to connect BiG EVAL to a SaaS solution.

Please note, that this may needs correct planning and applying adequate security measures. Do this together with your network and security administrators or architects. But if this is done correctly, application integrations are fully secure to be utilized.

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