Taking Probes from SAP R/3 ECC

Use the following step-by-step manual to use data from a SAP Query in a BiG EVAL test case.

  1. Create a SAP R/3 datasource: Connecting to SAP R/3 (ECC)
  2. Add a dynamic probe to a test case.
  3. Choose your SAP R/3 data source as the source of your new probe.
  4. Choose “Query” as your SAP Query-Type.
  5. Choose the Workspace “Standard” or “Global”.
  6. Choose the SAP Usergroup.
    BiG EVAL now loads all SAP Queries that are available for the usergroup.
  7. Choose the SAP Query.
    You can now see more information to parameters and result values of the Query using the button “Query-Details”.
  8. Define the parameters of the SAP Query.
    You may use BiG EVAL Parameters in this step that come from the control script of the test or suite.

The result of an SAP Query usually is a table with multiple columns and rows. You can only use a single value as the probe. So choose the extraction that suits from the extraction-method field.

  • First Cell – BiG EVAL uses the value of the first cell in the first row of the SAP Query result.
  • Specific Cell – BiG EVAL uses the value of a named or indexed cell in the first row of the SAP Query result.
  • Function – Choose a function and enter the name of the column to apply the function to.
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