Major Changes

  • none

Minor Changes

  • #1051: There is now a possibility to execute scripts (e.g. PowerShell) right before starting up the BiG EVAL Service. This can be used to prepare the testing environment for example.
  • #1059: Editing a ParameterList-field is now possible.
  • #1071: You can now setup allowed values on ParameterList-fields.
  • #1070: Validation-Errors in user defined methods will now be displayed when trying to save.


  • #1062, #1065: Fixed an issue with the graph and status-symbol on the test-tile. They showed different states in specific situations.
  • #1050: Different performance- and reliability-enhancements in the data-abstraction-layer.
  • #1048: There was a white screen after login in with an invalid license instead of an error message.
  • #902: Saving a user defined method with dependencies to another user defined method wasn’t possible.
  • Different small bugfixes in the alerting-frontend.
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