• A first release of the Alert feature was built. Alerts get triggered and can be delivered via E-Mail.
  • Teradata connection capability was added as a native implementation using the Teradata .NET provider.
  • SAP queries capability was added as a native implementation.
  • There’s a Logfile-viewer under the System menu item. It allows analyzing the server-side logfiles right in the application user interface.
  • Added some new capabilities to the ControlScript of a test. You can now query scalar values, lists and tables from data sources.
  • Added the capability to send commands to data sources in their native query language. This allows building test preparation scripts or similar.
  • The dashboard has now an automatic refresh as well as a manual refresh button.
  • During the startup phase of the BiG EVAL we now check for availability of the SQL Server that hosts the BiG EVAL database. We do this as repeatedly until 
    either the database is available or until a timeout gets reached.
  • To use legacy SQL Server versions for storing the BiG EVAL database, we implemented a compatibility-mode that can be activated in the appsettings.json file.
  • Parameter values get displayed within the test results dialog.


  • We added the datatype “OBJECTNAME” to the probe query parameters. By using this datatype you can now dynamically set objects in query (e.g. tables, views etc.). 
  • Unneeded columns on the dashboard have been removed.
  • We tested BiG EVAL in a SQL Server 2008 environment and proved to use that as the minimum requirement for hosting the BiG EVAL database.
  • When the dashboard isn’t able to connect to the BiG EVAL service, we now show an alert box on top of the dashboard.
  • The Logfiles-Directory was moved from “BiGeval\wwwroot\Logs” to “BiGeval\Logs”.
  • The data source types “Linked Server” and “Local Server” have been removed.


  • When refreshing the browser (using F5), the application used to go back to the start page (dashboard). We fixed this behavior so that it just refreshes the current page and stays there.
  • Sometimes a test has been evaulated multiple times within a single test-run. We fixed this behavior to enhance the performance of the application.
  • Fixed some missing user interface translations.
  • The DeletedAt field of a test and all probes used to be null after deleting a test.
  • Creating new phases used to be still possible when there were no phases before. Despite of locking phases.
  • Creating new data sources used to be still possible when there were no data sources before. Despite of locking data sources.
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