Configure Proxy-Server

Out of the box, BiG EVAL uses the system-wide proxy settings of the Windows system. In most cases there’s no need to change anything.

But sometimes this is not enough and an explicit Proxy-configuration is needed for BiG EVAL. If that’s the case for you, follow these instructions:

Use a text-editor to edit the file “BTC.BiGeval.Server.exe.config” that can be found directly in the installation-directory of BiG EVAL (usually: c:\program files\Bolt Technology Consulting GmbH\BiGeval\).

Add a configuration-section <> that includes the <defaultProxy> section at the top-most. The exact location doesn’t matter, but the file is easier to edit that way.

There are different ways to configure the proxy-settings. Please read Microsoft’s documentation under the following link:

Restart the BiG EVAL Windows Service when you completed the configuration.

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