Check for disabled Tasks


This test case checks for any disabled Scheduler tasks in WhereScape RED.

How does it work?

The test case reads a list of WhereScape RED scheduler jobs from the parameter list WhereScape RED – Jobs (ws-red-jobs). All entries of that parameter list that are marked with “Check Disabled Tasks” == “Yes” will be checked for disabled tasks. The control flow of the test case iterates through all these jobs and does the following for each job:

A list of disabled scheduler tasks gets queried from the WhereScape RED repository. The goal is to get back an empty list. Therefore, the list will be compared against an empty table which represents the target of the comparison. Each disabled task will then be listed in the test result. If this list contains one or more tasks, the test case fails.


The parameter list WhereScape RED – Jobs (ws-red-jobs) is used for multiple test cases of the WhereScape RED pack. It contains a list of jobs that you intend to test with any of these test cases.

For this specific test case, the column “Check disabled tasks” is used. Mark a job with the value “Yes” in this column to enable this test case.

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