Global Parameters

Global parameters are system wide parameter values that can be used in test or suite control-scripts, probe queries or within the data source connection definitions.

Setup your global parameters in the system -> settings dialog under the “Global parameters” register.

Using global parameters in Probe Queries

Use a global parameter the same way, as you are using regular parameters by using the placeholder syntax. The following example shows, how the global parameter named “GENDER” is used in a probe query.

  Gender = {{GENDER:"F" as string}}

Using global parameters in Datasource Definitions

You can use a global parameter of the type “STRING” within a connection string of a datasource-definition by using the placeholder syntax.

Provider=SQLNCLI11; Server={{SERVERNAME}} Database; Trusted_Connection=yes;

You can also use a global parameter as the domain, username or password in the credentials section of a datasource definition.

This technique gives you great possibilities:

  • Use different authentication users in different Environments (Dev, Test, Int, Prod etc.).
  • Impersonate different users dynamically to build test cases for security testing.

Overwriting global parameters in a test- or suite-controlscript

You can overwrite the value of a global parameter within a test- or a suite- controlscript. Note that the new value is only valid within the scope of the current script. Therefore, if you overwrite the global parameter within the controlscript of a specific test case, the value is available within that test case only. All other test cases still use the global value.

Use the following syntax in a controlscript.

SetParameter("PARAMETER1", "NEW VALUE");
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