Trigger Events

Availability: since Release 2.8.0

BiG EVAL triggers subsequent actions in 3rd party applications or sends eMail-alerts if specific data validation events happen in BiG EVAL. There are a various of events that may happen. But not each of them should trigger a 3rd party application or an alert. So, it’s important to know how to define the triggering event of an app integration.

Imagine that there is a stream of events that constantly happen in BiG EVAL (Test started, Test finished, Tet failed, Test succeeds, Issue created, Issue modified etc.). In each configured app integration in the “Trigger” register, there’s a filter which defines, on which specific event the integration needs to be triggered. All other events get ignored and do not trigger the integration. But maybe another one.

Start with a Trigger Template

If you are about to create a new integration or an eMail-alert, you can choose one of the trigger templates from one of the available categories on the left side. If you don’t want to use a template and define everything by yourself, you can choose the “Empty” template from the “Common” category.

After choosing a trigger template, the event filter appears. There may be sections of the filter that are hiden, but can be shown if needed.

Refine a Trigger Template

Some of the trigger templates need or optionally allow additional filter configurations. They are marked with a red border. For example if you choose the “Testsuite failed” template, you need to specify the test suite which triggers the event.

You can add more rules to the template to customize the event. With the “Testsuite failed” template, you may add another rule to specify multiple test suites that may trigger the integration. If you intend to do this specific example, please ensure that the different test suite rules are combined with an OR operator and not with an AND operator.

Available Fields

The following fields are available to define a filter rule. Please note, that there are some combinations possible, that do not make sense and may lead to an integration that never gets run or that possible runs too often. So please read the descriptions carefully to understand the definition of each field and value.

Eventgroup– Testexecutions
– Issues
Events are basically grouped into events regarding test executions or events regarding issues.
Event– Execution started
– Execution finished
– Created
– Modified
The specific event that happened.
The first two events only happen in the Testexecutions Eventgroup and the other two events happen in the issues group.
Subject– Suite
– Test as part of a suite
– Test alone
BiG EVAL can either execute a testsuite or a test. A test can either be run as part of a testsuite execution or completely standalone if it gets run manually or via the API for example.
Outcome– Successful
– Failed
The outcome of either a test execution or a testsuite execution. Failed doesn’t only include a failed test case but also if an exception happens during execution.
Suiteall suites
Testall tests
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