Webhook Integration

Availability: since Release 2.8.0

The webhook integration of BiG EVAL allows to send information about a data validation event to a webhook of a 3rd party application.

Creating a Webhook Integration

  1. Open System -> Integrations
  2. Click on “Webhook” in the “Add Integration” section.
  3. Enter a name and a description for the integration.
  4. Choose and refine the event that triggers the integration.
  5. Open the Webhook register and define the following settings of your webhook:
    1. URL
    2. HTTP-Method
    3. Timeout in seconds
    4. HTTP-Headers (optional)
  6. Click on “Save”

Data Reference

The data BiG EVAL sends to the webhhok as a JSON-structure is defined by the context of the event that triggered the webhook integration.

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