Technically falsified data


Data synchronization

Data collections

Im-/Exports of Data

Data migration

Where data is transported and transformed, complex technical processes are at work. Complexity always recovers the danger of errors, which were not noticed during the development phase and now have an impact on the live environment.

With the automable tests of BiG EVAL you're going to check data in completeness, consistency, uniqueness, integrity and plausibility. You have the advantage of consistent and comprehensible processes, better overview and you get notified when needed.

Data Comparisons

Compare Data before and after a technical process. Have relevant informations been changed?

Business-Rules Catalog

Define every attribut, how it has to look like, which rules have been respected, and on which criterias a record is considered to be of insufficient quality.

Duplicate exams

Have single records on any point been duplicated?
What are the records?

Reasonability of Information

Let the empirical values of your employees of all departments flow in the validation of information and complete the technical tests of your IT.


Control the technical processes depending on the test results.
For example, stop a data import or an ETL process before bad data gets into your system and get processed.

Nikola PerićTechnically falsified data