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BiG EVAL can be used in a variety of different scenarios to leverage information quality.

DWH Testing Solution

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The Data Warehouse Test ConceptTesting a data warehouse system begins with the creation of a strong but adequate testing concept. What it should cover, how you can build it and what tools are available is shown here.  How mature is your testing approach?Ideally, your data warehouse testing has a clear concept with automated testing tasks. [Read more]

The Data Warehouse Test Concept V2

DataOps AutomationDataOps is the modern way for gaining more speed in delivering new or changed features of a Data Warehouse or any other data oriented system. Automating tasks related to DataOps brings efficiency and business value. BiG EVAL comes with many features that makes you capable of massively automating various DataOps processes. Latest ArticlesHere you [Read more]

DataOps Automation

Put Testing of your Data Warehouse on Autopilot with BiG EVAL and maximize the Automation degree in your automated project. Use proven Test Methodologies. Get rid of manual testing and be efficient from the very first day!

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Testing in an automated Data Warehouse Project

BI & Data Analytics testingKey performance indicators (KPI) and calculations must be tested to ensure reliable analysis and reporting. Because this is the basis for strategic decisions in your company. Test and perform plausibility checks on your key performance indicators continuously with unlimited test logic. BiG EVAL executes these tests continuously and informs you about [Read more]

BI Data Analytics Testing

Wrong KPI’s Not having to make important strategic and operational decisions on your own, corporate managemant is going to need informations in the form of key figures (KPI’s) and Reports. If they aren’t correct, a decision may entail severe consequences. BiG EVAL constantly checks the correctness and reasonability of key figures. This ensures that decisions are [Read more]

Wrong KPI’s are a mature problem to business success

Data Warehouse & ETL testing Never ever test manually again! Using BiG EVAL you automate the test processes for your data warehouse system and the ETL or ELT processes.BiG EVAL takes away the manual effort from testing your ETL or ELT processes and your data warehouse. This is done by comparing and checking test data [Read more]

Data Warehouse and automated ETL testing

When the schema of source data changes without notification to depending systems, data exchange processes may fail. See BiG EVALs solution for that problem.

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Schema Change Tracking

Teradata testingThe testmethods and algorithms of BiG EVAL are designed to test ETL and ELT processes from and to Teradata systems Ensure that high quality data is delivered to your users and decition-makers with the help of BiG EVAL. It ensures that your Teradata system has correct and reliable data all the time.The Teradata testing [Read more]

Our Teradata Testing Solutions at a glance

Automated testing of data warehouse BiG EVAL takes over the manual testing of a ETL-process and data warehouse components. This happens through purposeful checking and comparing of data from source systems, the data warehouse, staging areas and all other components. Just as you would do it manually – but just automated. Watch more BiG EVAL [Read more]

Fully automated Data Warehouse Testing

Continuously check your SAP Basis, Business Objects and Business Warehouse with the testmethods and algorithms of BiG EVAL.

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