Data Warehouse

Sufficient Data Warehouse Test Concept

Data Warehouse test conceptTesting a data warehouse system begins with the creation of a conscientious testing concept. What your test concept should include, which test methods and test tools are available to you, we show you below. Create a meaningful test conceptTo test your Data Warehouse system, there's no universal recipes. Every system and every project is

Testing in agile Data Warehouse and BI-Projects

Testing in agile DWH and BI projects An agile project management has high requirements for testing processes because they need to be fast and automated. Let’s see how BiG EVAL facilitates agile processes. Cut out paper checklist icon Short release cycles need efficient processes! This is true especially regarding testing data warehouse and business intelligence components

Fully automated Data Warehouse Testing

Automated testing of data warehouse BiG EVAL takes over the manual testing of a ETL-process and data warehouse components. This happens through purposeful checking and comparing of data from source systems, the data warehouse, staging areas and all other components. Just as you would do it manually - but just automated. Watch more BiG EVAL

Testing in an automated Data Warehouse Project

Put Testing of your Data Warehouse on Autopilot with BiG EVAL and maximize the Automation degree in your automated project. Use proven Test Methodologies. Get rid of manual testing and be efficient from the very first day!