Test case execution

Running test cases or quality checks can be done manually or fully automated.

Manual Test Execution

A testcase of a full set of tests within a testsuite can be executed manually at any time by pressing the play button either within a testcase or within a testsuite.

Scheduled Test Execution

A single or a group of testcases can be scheduled within a testsuite. On defined points in time the test will be executed in the background and testresults get collected in the dashboards.

API-Triggered Test Execution

A single or a group of testcases can be executed using the REST API of BiG EVAL. By calling this API from your processes like ETL or data-imports/exports you get the ability to control your processes by the outcome of the testcases. Stop or pause the processes until high quality data is available.

The REST API can be used by sending simple HTTP/HTTPS requests to BiG EVAL what almost every modern process orchestration or workflow solution ist capable of. Otherwise you can use shell-scripts.

Data-Driven-Triggered Test Execution

A single or a group of testcases can be executed using the data-driven-trigger technology of BiG EVAL. It gives you the ability to react on data events like the creation of a new record or a change on existing records and many more.

To be technology-neutral, BiG EVAL doesn't use any internal features of your database systems nor does it installs any objects in the database. That's why the data-driven triggers are near-realtime only.

Parallel Testcase processing

Orchestrating the execution of specific testcases is essential in large data environments to keep the test execution time as low as possible. That's why BiG EVAL provides sophisticated features to control the test-execution flow and to parallelize the testcase processing.

Feature Availability

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Data Test Automation

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Data Quality Management



API Triggered

Data Driven Triggered

Parallel Execution

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