Data Import and Export testing

To ensure the reliability and the correctness of your data import or export processes, BIG EVAL is able to test and validate them continuously.

Datenimporte mit BiG EVAL prüfen

Import data

Prevent loading incorrect data into your systems.

Check that the import process for Flatfiles (CSV, TXT, Excel, XML, JSON) completely automated.

Execute your import process only when the import data succeeds validation checks.

Datenexporte mit BiG EVAL prüfen

Export data

Do not deliver incorrect data to your customers, partners and suppliers again. Make a quality inspection on exported flatfiles (CSV, TXT, Excel, XML, JSON) before delivery and stop the delivery if something went wrong.


Choose out of a predefined set of testmethods and -algorithms or create your own by using a database query language, C# or even R.

Vorgefertigte und benutzerdefinierte Testmethoden


Apply a continuous testing process to your development project to recognize conceptual problems much earlier.


Find and resolve Data Quality problems in a productive environment by analyzing your data continuously.

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