BiG EVAL Platform

The BiG EVAL solution platform provides the software tools needed to assure data quality during the whole lifecycle of information.

BiG EVAL's data quality management and data testing software tools are based on the BiG EVAL platform - a comprehensive code base aimed for high performance and high flexibility data validation. All features provided were built by practical experience based on the cooperation with our customers.

Scripting a test case

Software Editions

Software EDITION

BiG EVAL DTA lets you automate testing tasks in your data oriented project with everything you need to keep in control of your implementation quality:

  • Data warehouses with ETL/ELT processes
  • Data migrations
  • Data imports and exports
  • Data integration interfaces
  • and much more. 

It allows you to run test cases as part of your continuous deployment process to fully automate your agile project cycle including the deployment.

Software EDITION

Assuring a high data quality during the whole life cycle of your data is a crucial part of your data governance and very important to get the most business value out of your data. This is where the automation solution BiG EVAL DQM comes in and supports you in all tasks regarding data quality management. Ongoing quality checks validate your enterprise data continuously, provide a quality metric and supports you in solving the quality issues.

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