BiG EVAL 2.7.0 Highlights

BiG EVAL 2.7.0 Highlights

Version 2.7.0 of BiG EVAL focusses on efficiency. We built several features that boost the efficiency within data quality management processes and also in the data test automation. This article shows you the most interesting news of this release. You can find more features and changes in the Release-Notes.

If you own an active BiG EVAL license, you can download the installation-package here.

Problem Tracing

The most important change of Version 2.7 is the functionallity that helps you solving data quality issues. They are used to coordinate and organize the problem resolution process. Fixing data quality issues usually needs a perfect collaboration between many people of different departments over several days or even weeks. BiG EVAL helps you to coordinate this challenge. We built an optimized protocol and documentation system that allows to assign activities to responsible persons and that traces all actions taken (audit-proof).


Script Editor

We built in a much more comfortable Script-Editor into all editions of BiG EVAL. It provides features that you know from IDE's like Visual Studio:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Display Syntax-Errors directly in the code
  • Collapse and Expand code blocks
  • Autocompletion (for standard C# namespaces)
  • New scrolling experience

New Parameter List Editor

We overhauled the user interface of the parameterlists to provide more comfort when editing large lists.

Download or Send Testresults as an Excel-File (XLSX)

Testresults can now be downloaded from the Testresutls details dialog or attached to alerting emails. The excel files contain - depending on your data protection settings - detailed information about the error and also the erroneous dat records.

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