What we can learn about data maintenance from daily dental care?

What we can learn about data maintenance from daily dental care?

What do data and teeth have in common? Nothing? Teeth can bite, but data can’t. Teeth sometimes become discolored. But… data? At first glance, the two don‘t have much in common. But, at second glance? At second glance, they are not that different, especially if you consider dental health and data quality.

Teeth need maintenance. So do data!

Teeth and data really do have a number of things in common. For example, both teeth and data are only effective in multiples. Try eating a delicious piece of steak or a coconut with one tooth. It‘s difficult. Individual data can also rarely be used. Data should be combined with (the right) other data, and it‘s important to pay attention to data quality.

If data is missing or is incorrect, they are not as valuable as they could be for marketing. And, in the age of Big Data, data can be incredibly valuable, but…, and this is the second similarity between data and teeth, they need maintenance in order to be functional in the long term. However, it is this maintenance, which has been neglected thus far; more often with data than with teeth.

Dental care has a long history.

Dental care hasn‘t just come about recently. Even in prehistoric times people tried to keep their teeth clean. They used small willow sticks, amongst other things. And the ancient Egyptians used something similar to toothpaste. Dental care has always progressed steadily, and nowadays, we have high-tech toothbrushes and are continuously improving formulas for tooth paste. 

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Data maintenance for improved data quality is also nothing new. After all, with data entries in public directories, every alteration, such as births, is data maintenance. With the internet and e-commerce, data maintenance has become more significant. Why? Because correct data often determine successes and failures on the internet. Therefore, your data, just like your teeth, need regular maintenance, so they can be of value to your business. Data quality management is just like a prophylaxis against errors and risks.

Good maintenance is something you can organize yourself, right?

Do you have IT specialists and programmers in your team? Very good. In this case, you can probably find a solution for data maintenance and data quality internally. Naturally, after trying this, you might find a solution. We’re sure that the programmers in your teams are good. And yet…
If you have no experience in developing programs for data maintenance, your work might be similar to constructing your own toothbrush. It is highly likely that you won‘t be able to achieve what a modern toothbrush can do. Bad for your teeth! This is similar to data maintenance solutions. Without experience, it is highly likely that you won‘t be able to develop any that correspond to the most up-to-date data maintenance standards.

Therefore, it is almost always better to trust professionals like us. With BIG EVAL, we have developed an efficient solution for data maintenance, which will reduce your costs and increase your revenue. You can find out more about it with no obligation. Bear in mind, data maintenance is essential, just like good dental care.

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Thomas BoltWhat we can learn about data maintenance from daily dental care?