Application and Data Migration testing

When migrating an old application or database to a new or alternative system, you have to ensure that no data gets lost and that all data gets migrated correctly. BiG EVAL helps you to do that by continuously validating your data.

Datenmigrationen mit BiG EVAL testen

Build a set of validation tests for every entity right in the conceptual phase of the migration project.

Example checks:

  • Were all records migrated? Which were not?
  • Does all information correlate between the old and the new system?
  • Are there any encoding problems?
  • Were all mappings and transformations correctly applied?
  • etc.

BiG EVAL checks your business logic in a pilot phase as well. It validates whether it functions the same in the new system, as it does in the old system.


Choose out of a predefined set of testmethods and -algorithms or create your own by using a database query language, C# or even R.

Vorgefertigte und benutzerdefinierte Testmethoden


Apply a continuous testing process to your development project to recognize conceptual problems much earlier.


Find and resolve Data Quality problems in a productive environment by analyzing your data continuously.

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