There are several interfaces that open the possibility to integrate BiG EVAL into your processes (e.g. ETL) or in your applications.

Rest API Access

The communication of the BiG EVAL frontend and the middleware is based on a REST API. Every interaction with BiG EVAL uses the REST API. By licensing the standard or the professional edition you get access to the REST API what gives you the ability to integrate BiG EVAL into your custom systems and processes.


Instead of using the REST-API of BiG EVAL to execute testcases, webhooks are a much more comfortable way to control BiG EVAL. Call webhooks out of your application or process to check data quality before proceeding.


When integrating BiG EVAL testcases within your continous build and deployement processes you get the ability to control the deployement process from development up to the production environment. Test-gates allow to stop the deployment of system components that do not fulfil the quality requirements of your business.

Integrate testgates in Visual Studio Team Servies Build and Deployments as well as in Jenkins and other known CI/CD platforms.

Feature Availability

Software Edition
Data Test Automation

Software Edition
Data Quality Management




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