Wrong KPI's

Not having to make important strategic and operational decisions on your own, corporate managemant is going to need informations in the form of key figures (KPI's) and Reports. If they aren't correct, a decision may entail severe consequences.

BiG EVAL constantly checks the correctness and reasonability of key figures. This ensures that decisions are made only with the correct information basis.

Verification of analytical data models

Test metrics and calculations in analytical data models such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (tabular and multidimensional) and much more.

Pre-made and custom test methods

For a quick start use the pre-made test methods. If these are not enough, you can implement your own testing methods.

Reasonability of informations

Let the empirical values of your employees of all departments flow in the validation of information and complete the technical tests of your IT.


Check data on their formation and after changes or integrate the automated test into your data transformation processes.

Business-Rules Catalog

Capture business rules and let BiG EVAL check if they are adhered to everywhere.


As soon as information no longer meets your quality requirements, the right people will be notified.


A clear dashboard provides up-to-date quality indicators at all times.