Lack of performance

In analysis systems and reporting platforms, the speed is important in which the figures und graphics get presented to the screen. Whether it's a good feeling, or actually has to wait for minutes or even hours, this causes for information users for trouble or even for the rejection of the systems. User acceptance and confidence in the system are decreasing.

Define the response time requirements with your users. They'll be subjected of a continuous review of BiG EVAL. If the response times are in danger of being exceeded, you can take action before your phone rings.

lack of performance

Live - Testing

Ongoing performance monitoring allows early intervention to prevent problems.

Data models testing

The technology-neutral concept of BiG EVAL tests the response speed of a variety of different systems

Test report models

Test the queries and calculations contained in reports for their response times.

Analysis of the test results

Check for a long time or intraday, how the response times behave.